Eight Constitutions Renotonia

Renotonia is a constitution in which kidneys and bladder/uterus are proportionally strong while pancreas and stomach are proportionally weak.

Foods that support the kidneys and bladder/uterus are generally pork, barley, melons. Such foods can overstimulate the strong organs (kidneys and bladder/uterus). The strong organs have a regulatory role over the weaker organs; thus, overactivity of the strong organs can subsequently lead to further suppression of their antagonists, the weaker organs (pancreas and stomach). As a result, the originally weak pancreas and stomach becomes proportionally weaker, causing the relational discrepancy between the strong organs (kidneys and bladder/uterus) and weak organs (pancreas and stomach) to increase, creating a state of excess imbalance. This causes the relational support between all organs and interactions to change; the immunity achieved from a state of appropriate imbalance becomes weakened and compromised, allowing clinical pathology to arise.

For example, cardiovascular diseases and chronic dermatitis when strong organ-- the kidney—is overactive; depression and severe constipation can result from an overstimulated bladder/uterus. If an unhealthy state persists in this constitution, the patient may be prone to dysautonomia and depression.

Individuals with Renotonia tend to be very patient in their relationships. They are very systematic and careful; thus, they are thorough and good planners. They make very few mistakes and are very good listeners. When Renotonia are in an unhealthy state, they can be possessive and doubtful; when in this state, Renotonia should avoid cold foods and overeating. This constitution can benefit from eating small meals and meditation.

Sunbathing and saunas—activities which can cause sudden and copious perspiration—will worsen a Renotonia’s general health. During hot seasons, preventing perspiration by keeping the body cold, consuming slightly spicy foods, and drinking teas made from ginseng and jujubes can be helpful.

The above are not absolute characteristics, but general tendencies of Renotonia.

Excessive perspiration could be causes of chronic fatigue, weakness and malfunction of your digestive organs. Therefore, avoid activities that make you sweat. Enjoy warm foods and beverages, which make your digestive functions strong and body energetic.

pork, barley, adzuki bean, cucumber, raw oyster and shellfish, lettuce, cucumber. broccoli, persimmon, melon, banana, strawberry, pineapple, aloe vera, beer, ice cream, all cold drinks and food, caffeine, sauna chicken, turkey, goat, duck, lamb, white rice, glutinous rice, brown rice, potatoes, sweet potato, bellflower and most root vegetables, most green leafy vegetables, corn, sesame oil, seaweed, kelp, pepper, mustard, cinnamon, red pepper, curry, green onion, onion, ginger, apple, tangerine, orange, tomato, mango, ginseng, jujube, honey