- A new Theory of Life and the Universe -
“The inquiry into fire (Pyrologos) (333) initiated here is the true theory of life, a theory of the living universe, and an ontological exploration of God the Creator. It will become a new paradigm for the pursuit of all truth.” - Dowon Kuon -

Dr. Dowon Kuon opens the world of fire, which is the foundation and order of life.
Fire is the vital force and drive of all life cycles; it continuously exerts its influence, constantly transforming and expanding.

Fire appears in three forms: light, heat, and power. Fire also communicates mutually as idiopyr(self-fire) and allelopyr(relative-fire). Fire additionally applies to yang-yin and the five elements. Ultimately, all things exist and harmonize with each other within the law of fire, from the microscopic world to the macrocosm. The meaning of existence outside the law of fire is disorder and chaos; outside of the law of fire, it can be said that the cycle of life has halted and is, therefore, inanimate.

Dr. Dowon Kuon used the principle of fire to understand the universe and as well as the human body, which allowed him to delineate the physiology and pathology of the eight human constitutions.

Through Pyrologos and Eight Constitutional Medicine, we understand the principles of the human body, which is an epitome of the laws of the universe; this enables us to understand and predict the phenomena that appear due to the personality of the universe and the cosmic nature of the human body.

The framework and scope of the life are so deep and vast that it may be impossible to understand it fully. However, Dr. Dowon Kuon's Pyrologos opens our eyes toward the uncharted world of the cosmoetiopyr, the ultimate origin of all cosmic fire.

- Woojun Kuon -
Dowon Kuon. Pyrologos-A New Theory of Life and the Universe. Dawnting Cancer Research Institute. 1999.